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Aradia Fitness Online was born out of necessity.
As the pole & fitness industry has navigated a pandemic afflicted economy, it become quickly apparent that virtual movement options were the future of fitness. Aradia Fitness USA has developed
a quality product with high resolution videos,
clear sound, and easy to access from a variety of electronic devices.

As a consumer, you will be thrilled to find a vast
library of instructor-led classes covering a variety of topics. Enjoy everything from dance fitness to yoga, cardio & toning classes to flexibility, and more. The vast majority of videos are 15-30 minutes in length. This allows you to custom create your own class experience, as short or as long as your schedule allows!

New classes are added every week. Repeat your favorites or stream something new each time you log on.

Custom mobile app for both
Apple & Android devices.

Bring Aradia Fitness Online to YOUR studio:

Earn extra revenue.
Incentive your members.
Reach your high-risk clients.

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